Helix Piercing: My Experience and Pain Level

I love getting my ears pierced. I currently have five piercings (double lobe on both sides and a helix on my left) and I plan on getting many more in the future. My helix was my first cartilage experience and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the result.


I did my research and went to a professional piercer at a nearby shop to have it done. I was foolish enough to go to a kiosk at a mall for my first lobe piercings. Needless to say, they got infected soon after. So I was going to do it right the second time around! I got both my second lobe piercings and my helix done in the same sitting with a needle. Never go to someone who wields a piercing gun! Unfortunately, that mall kiosk I mentioned used one on me and that was far more painful and less sanitary than the needle.

The majority say that getting your cartilage done is more painful than your lobes, but for me, the amount of pain was pretty much the same. It’s just a different sensation from getting your lobes pierced. I wouldn’t say that it hurt any more than my lobes. I also didn’t bleed. The piercer was surprised by that and responded, “Are you even human?”. Maybe…maybe not ;).

As far as the healing process, it was quite sore during the first month. A helix takes about six months to heal. I only slept on my right side for a while due to how sore it was. Because of that, I wouldn’t recommend getting a new helix on both ears at the same time; you would have to sleep on your back a lot as they healed. Cartilage piercings are more prone to infection as well. It’s very important to remember to clean them.

All in all, I’m very happy with my helix and will gladly do it again sometime! How were your piercing experiences?

Have a nice one! Until next time,

~ A.R.


13 thoughts on “Helix Piercing: My Experience and Pain Level

  1. Well, you had me… then you lost me at the healing time. Nope. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.
    (And no, you’re not human. Don’t you wonder why so many people from this state become astronauts? Gotta get home somehow.)


  2. Oh man, I had the exact same experience: hand pierced with a needle: yay!
    pierced with a gun: NO THANKS. Mine were infected too, because the gun pushed the earring backing into my skin, actually. So that was a fun time….


  3. Yours looks great, I had mine done a looooong time ago and it hurt so bad during the healing stages I had to take it out. Glad your luck was better than mine-my belly piercing never took either, guess I’ll just stick with the lobes from now on, lol.


  4. Are you even human *lol* thats great, i hated getting my helix’s pierced, not for pain but for the fact of not being able to sleep on that ear (side-sleeping-person most of the times…)


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