Trip to Florida (Part 1)

It was the first time I had ever traveled outside America’s Northeastern region. For Spring Break, my parents and I (plus our 3 dogs) drove down to visit my grandparents in Holiday, Florida. In all of our excitement, we drove from our home in Ohio to Holiday in one go without stopping for the night; certainly not one of our finest ideas, but worth the ride.

Upon finally arriving, we freshened up and headed down to Cap’t Jack’s Restaurant and Tiki Bar for dinner. It sits beside the docks where the cooks haul in fresh seafood daily. The food was so lovely that I had forgotten to take a photo of my plate! I ordered the coconut shrimp with an orange marmalade dipping sauce.



My view from our table

Later that evening we went to one of the many beaches looking out at the Gulf of Mexico. However, we were there for only a good two minutes before a streak of lightening pierced across the sky and a downpour soon followed. Exhausted from the never-ending car ride, I turned in early.

2016-03-19 11.17.54

2016-03-19 11.19.17

2016-03-19 07.54.14

Florida sunrise


Two of the many geckos that scurried outside the house ^_^

A day later we spent the afternoon at a place my grandfather dubbed “The Tourist Trap”, Tarpon Springs. It’s a town with a heavy Greek influence from its food to its architecture. Nautical themed gift and sweet shops are mixed in with authentic Greek restaurants and bakeries. It was store after store filled with interesting trinkets. Of course, we couldn’t resist staying for lunch at a place called Mama’s Greek Cuisine. For me, the highlight of the meal was the octopus with fried calamari and smelt fish. I’m the type of person one would call an adventurous eater.



Scenic fountain in the middle of the plaza




A little plate of seafood heaven


Delicious octopus

Until next time,

~A.R. paint


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