Creepy Cool Finds | April 2016

Sometimes there is noting like the satisfaction of finding a hidden gem when shopping; especially when those gems have a spooky side. This is just a quick post of some of my recent browsing finds for this month.

Wolf Moon Candle

Shop: FirstEditionCandleCo


I wouldn’t mind getting into burning candles more often with ones like this.

Little Miss Death Earrings

Shop: LttleShopOfHorrors


Adorable is hardly the word one would usually use to describe tombstones, but these are just the cutest.


Morticia Addams Photo Pendent

Shop: NocturneStreet


Anjelica Huston did a fine job with the role of Morticia; however, Carolyn Jones will always be the best in my book.

Gothic Mirror Candle Holder Shelf

Shop: CraftyWorksCornwall


A lovely shelf/mirror to hold that candle I mentioned afore!

Black Skull Dream Catcher



A dream catcher to stop (or start) your nightmares.

Deer Antler Cameo Necklace

Shop: AbbiesAnchor


I particularly love how much detail there is in the frame. And the extra chains makes it look all the more chic.

Human Anatomy Coasters

Shop: artaltered


It’s things like these one will find in my future home.

Minimalist Raven Painting

Shop: TerminalDistraction


Is it me, or does this painting also remind you of Edger Allen Poe?

Razor Blade Earrings

Shop: Silver and Goth


Little sinister touches like these earrings are what really makes an outfit!

Frankenstein’s Monster and Bride Hand Towels

Shop: TheSpiderandFly


I imagine these would make perfect his and her towels for a couple with a more alternative mind.

Which of these finds do you fancy? Until next time,




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