Random Photography | April 2016

The last semester of my freshman year is almost over! I fortunately have many exciting things to look forward to this Summer including getting my first job and having more time to have photoshoots. However, among the whirlwind of final projects, there are those moments in between I capture with a trusty camera.


Sunset at a drive-in theater where I went to see The Jungle Book and Zootopia.


One of my dogs, Leo, keeping watch over our basil.


Thai curry chicken bao and raspberry smoothie snack for a long day of classes.

2016-04-01 14.49.06

Black and white image of an upcoming makeup tutorial.


Flowers blooming on campus.

2016-04-15 11.00.34

Love wearing those Bride of Frankenstein earrings.


Dinner at Quaker Steak & Lube.

Until next time,





4 thoughts on “Random Photography | April 2016

    • Lol, it’s too good not to photograph! That’s my plan to have this as a regular monthly series. Since I don’t have an instagram, I figured this would be an alternative outlet.


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