June Updates

So what the heck have I been up to this month?

My Time with Bun-Bun


I had a bunny! My mother found the pretty black rabbit by herself on our street. She was perfectly tame and clearly was someone’s house bunny, but upon asking around we discovered that she had been outside alone for the past few months. We cleaned her up and took her to the vet where we learned that, unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for bunny owners to get bored and simply dump them outside as a way of getting rid of them. It became more evident that this selfish form of disposal must have been what happened to the little girl after our many flyers didn’t produce any phone calls.


Taking a snooze in her playpen.

The original plan was to keep her then, so we named her Bun-Bun. Bun-Bun was fixed up with her own playpen, box tunnels, and assorted vegetables and fruits (she enjoyed grapes the most). However, after 2 weeks of her being under our care, we saw just how much time and attention was being taken away from our 3 dogs and other activities. Bunnies require constant care that we felt she would better receive elsewhere. My boyfriend introduced us to a family friend who has raised and takes care of many rabbits, so Bun-Bun is now at a permanent home with plenty of other girl bunnies to play with and activities!

Successful Job Hunting

I was in the market for my first job. I had applied for and had been to several interviews before landing a job as a cashier in foodservice. All of the retail positions I was hoping for weren’t willing to hire someone without prior experience, but I kept looking while working at the foodservice job. Luckily, I came across another exciting retail position that I jumped at the chance to interview for. I landed the job and will finally be in a position working with clothing and accessories. ^-^

Relearning Japanese


One of my ultimate dreams in life is to travel around the world. Japan is a country that I’m particularly fascinated with. The contrast between the older towns and the updated cities, the food, the fashion, and so much more appeal to me. I was teaching myself the basics of Japanese speaking and writing a few years back, but now I’ve decided to take it up again. I retain some Spanish knowledge from high school, but my true passion in learning a second language lies with Japanese. The picture above is of my Hiragana writing notebook.

What second language would you like to learn? Or do you already speak multiple languages?

Sweet 19

On another note, I officially turned 19 years old! Goodness, I’m getting to be over the hill (just kidding!).

Until next time,

~A.R. paint


7 thoughts on “June Updates

  1. That was a fun post to read. The rabbit looks so adorable too bad you couldn’t keep it. And I am a mad fan everything Japanese I do understand bits an pieces of the language but it’s my goal to learn the language. And belated Happy Birthday Arianna 😀😀.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 19! You old maid you!
    I have always had a huge fascination with foreign languages. I’ve been trying to learn Chinese for a while, but instead I ended up learning a whole bunch of Tagalog…
    My all time favorites though are Spanish and Latin, since knowing those makes a whole lot of other languages easier to learn.



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