Random Photography | June 2016

This post is a little late to the party! As I mentioned in my June Updates, there was a lot going on last month. I’ve been sure to take advantage of the nice weather while it’s here. Warm days are short-lived in Ohio compared to heaps of snow and ice that usually overstay their welcome. How do you prefer to enjoy the summer months?

July 4th festivities are also well underway. To my American readers, Happy Independence Day!


This photo is dedicated to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge for the theme “Partners”. After all, what’s a shoe without its twin?

2016-06-03 21.40.09

Pink cloud streaked sunset in my backyard.


Love locks on a downtown park railing.


Tropical wild berry smoothie while at a concert. I loved the tiny umbrella!


Woodsy lake overlook. A city is a nice place to live, but sometimes you just need to get lost (metaphorically of course) in the forest.

2016-06-13 23.15.10

Moon peaking through the clouds.


…and another lake shot!

I hope everyone is having a fun weekend. Until next time,

~A.R.Β paint


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