Ripped Fishnets DIY

My only pair of fishnet stockings had succumb to the wear and tear I’ve put them under. It started with a small hole in the inner thigh that progressively grew larger. However, it was the perfect opportunity to use its damage to my style advantage. Ripped stocking and fishnets are a great addition to gothic alternative looks. I’ve been itching to make myself a pair for some time now! Similar DIY’s I’ve seen often use scissors or a sort of knife to create the holes, but I propose a far safer option. You will need only two things:

  • A pair of fishnet stockings you’re willing to alter
  • A nail clipper



I started with the hole that had already occurred. Lift up the section you want cut and using the edge of the clippers, hook the fishnet one strand at a time and simply snip away. What I liked about using nail clippers was that it made it easier to control how big the rips became. It was also easy to precisely trim away any extra hanging fabric without changing the shape of the holes.




Hobbes (one of my pugs) performing a quality inspection. x’D

Clip away until you are satisfied with the amount of coverage. I was aiming for a relatively even amount of rips on each leg, but without making them look too similar. Each leg has its own unique hole sizes and placements.




Happy creating! Until next time,

~A.R. paint


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