Cleveland Weekend

Last weekend, the family and I made two trips down to a place in the west side of Cleveland called Ohio City. It’s a lovely part of the city filled with unique eateries, knick-knack shops, and the popular West Side Market.

West 25th and Market Street


The street itself is pleasing to the eye. One of the first things I noticed was how clean the streets were. There’s potted foliage outside almost every business that’s spotted with the occasional colorful flower. In the main square across from the West Side Market, there was a band having a casual jam session and plenty of people sitting on the steps enjoying the local food. A building’s mural depicts a fresh harvest. And as a bonus, there’s a sign promising free Wi-Fi in the square!




West Side Market


The architecture and sheer size of the West Side Market is reminiscent of a train station. Built in the early 1900s, the market is home to a whopping 104 vendors! The highlight of our visit here was our stop at Crêpes de Luxe, a vendor that specializes in both sweet and savory crêpes. We also couldn’t resist trying some all-natural smoothies.


My Red & Black crêpe. It was filled with strawberries and dark chocolate pieces.


We ended up taking 3 of those cream swan pastries home.


A giant blackboard outside where people are encouraged to bring a stick of chalk and jot down a wish on their bucket list.

Brunch at SOHO



We drove back down the next day for Sunday brunch at a laid-back restaurant called SOHO. It was a good thing we arrived early because there was a line forming before the place even opened! The weather was perfect for us to sit outside.



Complimentary warm biscuits with strawberry rhubarb jam.


Jalapeño hush puppies as an appetizer.


Crispy Beignets. Fried, sweet dough topped with powdered sugar and served with raspberry jam and melted dark chocolate. ^.^

All around a very pleasant weekend. Until next time,

~A.R. paint


6 thoughts on “Cleveland Weekend

      • You can always ask someone who’s writing to lend one to you if they don’t mind it. I’m sure as a fellow dream pursuer, he or she will be likely to lend you a hand 😉

        It’s not often that we find someone pursuing a passion or a dream. Mind if I ask what would you write if you were there again and DO have access to a chalk?

        Your pal,

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      • That’s true! As far as what I would write, I’ve decided that I would put “attending Wave-Gotik-Treffen”. Wave-Gotik-Treffen is the largest gothic festival in the world that’s held in Germany. Saying that combines two of my loves which are alternative style and traveling.


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