Mini Etsy Haul

I was thrilled to receive an Etsy gift card over the 2016 holidays and now all of my orders from it have finally arrived!

Kawaii Bat Hairclip in Black | CandyZombies

I can’t say enough how adorable this little guy is. He’s super soft, very well-made, and I’ve been so inclined to give him a name. For no reason in particular, I call him Norman (it just came to me :p). I had a pleasant experience with the seller. When I first viewed the listing, the black color was out of stock. I messaged the seller about it and, even though she was on holiday at the time, she renewed the listing right away for me. I was surprised when my package included an artisan German lollipop as well!

Victorian Arachnid Earrings | LttleShopOfHorrors

These earrings are both durable and nicely sized. I recently put their durability to the test when, on a extremely windy day, I took them out and forgot them in my jacket pocket for a while (oops!). They’re still in perfect condition despite that.

Eyeball Devil Wing Necklace | KreepyKawaii

Ordering this necklace was my first bad experience when ordering through an Etsy shop. I placed my order for a black one and promptly received my package. However, I opened it to find that I was sent a purple one in poor condition. On each wing, there were random specks of glitter/confetti that had left noticeable impressions in the clay. The seller responded to my compliant a week later and said she’d start on my replacement. Over a month had passed since then and there was still nothing. I finally sent another message asking about a possible refund. It took another week for her to respond and say she’d mail it out the next day and send me the tracking info. Thankfully, I now have a better necklace, but was never sent the tracking info. I won’t order from her again, but this is a piece I’m now happy with.

Pastel Goth Bat and Skull Ring | LittleBanshees

It caught my eye how elegant this ring looks. It arrived safely packaged in its own little box. The band of the ring is adjustable and just as pretty as the rest of it with its brocade-like design. It’s perfect for the days when I’m feeling especially girly.

Until next time,


Disclaimer: this post isn’t sponsored. 


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