An evening in Cleveland is rarely not a good time to me. The city leaves me wanting to see more; to venture down another crowded street or explore another shop that caught my eye. Somehow, there’s always something new to find.

On this evening in particular, my family and I traveled to the street that’s famous for the West Side Market. We often return there due to the many delicious eateries that call that street home. After dinner at the restaurant called TownHall, we visited a nearby tattoo shop to check out the artists’ portfolios because, in light of my recent 20th birthday, I’ll be getting my first tattoo soon! I’ll have a more detailed post in the near future explaining the meaning behind my tattoo and such.

The tattoo shop visit was followed by an impromptu picture taking session. Since my phone’s camera was all I had, I apologize if my photos don’t look their usual quality. The dress is covered with a lace overlay and has a faux-leather corset belt built in at the waist. The main feature of my look though was the bag. The bag is from a collaboration collection between Kreepsville 666 and the artist Miss Fluff. It also includes an extra red strap that can be hooked on to wear as a crossbody.

DressHot Topic

BagKreepsville 666

Boots – Aldo

Bracelets – Hot Topic

Until next time,

~ A.R.


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