Nelson Ledges

Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in Garrettsville, OH is a breathtaking location for adventure seekers. A few months ago on a cloudy, wet day, I strapped on boots suitable for hiking and was prepared to scale the rocks. Since this was a trip with a lot of climbing involved, I decided against bringing my best camera and instead used my phone. The park offers three different color-coded paths ranging from easy, medium, and hard. With some of the surfaces still being slippery from the rain, I mainly stuck to easy and medium routes.

A far way down

What I liked about Nelson Ledges was that there weren’t many set paths. Visitors are free to explore and to get from point A to point B however they choose (while applying common sense about their safety of course). There’s also another section of the park I didn’t visit that allows camping, cliff-diving, and hosts festivals during the warmer months. I will gladly go back on a dryer day to delve into the harder paths.

A crevice I somehow managed to squeeze myself through

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~ A.R.Β 


11 thoughts on “Nelson Ledges

  1. Hi Arianna,
    nature is the biggest source of inspiration for me. I wonder if it is the same for you? It offers such a variety of shapes and textures. You show it nicely in your post. It’s fun to try and transfer it onto clothes design, isn’t it?
    I like your introduction and I am curious of your style. I’d love to know it better πŸ™‚
    All the best,

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