Watching You

Some may say it gives off too much of a “school girl” vibe, but I like to wear knee-high socks. I think it gives an outfit a playful aspect. They’re not just for skirts either! You can easily dress up a pair of shorts with some knee-highs and a pair of good shoes. I especially like the front facing ribbon on the pair I’m wearing.

The rest of the look is dressing up seemingly basic garments. For example, adding the corset belt makes a plain black skirt and tank top more fresh and interesting. The trend of pairing socks with heels remerged last year. I’m not sure if one can see much of that trend around anymore, but I still enjoy it. And of course there’s my all-seeing devil winged eye necklace. Better watch out because he’s got his eye on you!

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~ A.R.Β 


15 thoughts on “Watching You

  1. I really like the subtlety of this dark look. Everything is nicely coordinated. The eye necklace; it’s interesting how powerful it is. The idea of matching sandals and socks has also been on my mind recently. My version would probably be more in the Carrie Bradshaw direction ;). Will let you know when I make it happen ;).

    Also, I agree with the comments that your style of writing is light and natural. Well done!

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