Collage DIY

I love making my own art. I’m currently in the midst of decorating the walls of my room with some things I’ve made (and a few things from a friend ^-^). Being a fashion school student, we’re often assigned to make collages/mood boards. I had a spare foam board and magazine laying around so I thought, “Why not?”.

There wasn’t a particular message I meant to achieve when I made it. It’s just a collection of images I found appealing. On its process toward completion though, I learned a few tips.

Collage DIY Tips

  • Use double sided tape. In my school, we’re asked to use rubber cement as the adhesive for our magazine clippings. However, I greatly dislike using it because it can easily ruin the images by crinkling them or making them look soggy. This time I used double sided tape and was much happier with the result. I recommend putting the tape on the back of the image instead of directly on the board.
  • Set down a base. I prefer to have no blank, white space poking through. Before you start deciding where to place the smaller images, cover the board with large background clippings.

  • Think beyond plain shapes. To make a collage more visually intriguing, don’t fill it with images that are only in square or rectangular shapes. You can make scalloped edges, outline the shape of the item in the image (or cut it out without a border entirely), or simply round the edges to make your clipping more interesting.
  • Take your time! I like to think of a collage as a puzzle. It took me a few days of having all the clippings laid out on my desk and rearranging their locations until I decided how I wanted to tape them down (or is that called procrastination? :P). Taking a break and coming back to it may spark some new ideas.

I hope these tips will be helpful during your next project. Happy crafting! Please like, comment, subscribe, and share! Until next time,

~ A.R.



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