TBT | My 2013-2014 Self

As I’m sure most of you know, TBT, or Throw Back Thursday, celebrates the events of yesteryear by sharing photos and looking back on those times with nostalgia. While cleaning out some pictures on my computer, I came across a few of my 15, 16, and 17 year old self.

I was only 15 here. May, 2013.

May, 2014.

Side bangs before my full ones! September, 2014.

It was around those years that I realized I wanted to be in the fashion industry. For most of my life before then, I had no idea what career path I’d take. Some people already know who they want to be when they grow up during childhood, but that wasn’t me. It was getting kind of scary to have college life creeping up and still not having a clue. For me, going into college without a declared major just filled my head with anxiety.

June, 2014.

May, 2014.

One day my mother suggested I look up careers in the fashion industry. I did so not thinking anything would come of it, but I became fascinated. Fast forward to the present where I’m now happily a Fashion Merchandising major in college. It’s funny how life works itself out.

June, 2014.

And the last one will be of me riding a dinosaur because sure, that’s totally normal. August, 2013.

What would you share for TBT? Please like, comment, subscribe, and share! Until next time,

~ A.R. 


4 thoughts on “TBT | My 2013-2014 Self

  1. TBT – what a cool idea! I immediately thought of a top and a skirt that I wore to my first prom at the age of 15. The set was made by a local dressmaker based on my idea. It was from a black synthethic fabric but it looked smart. 🙂 And what about the outfits from your photos? Which ones did you like most?

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    • The outfit from your prom sounds pretty! Maybe you could do a TBT post about it. As for the outfits in my photos, the black magic top with the fringe is really fun! I like the way it moves when I walk.

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      • Yes, your black top is really cool! I remember I used to be crazy about fringes, too. I still am :).
        I will definitely consider TBT idea for one of my posts (But choosing the outfits… Gosh! This will
        be an enjoyable challenge.) Thanks for inspiring me again!

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